Strategic Manager/Engineer

Departments: Engineering Department Locations: Qingpu, Shanghai

**Job Responsibilities:**

**I. Strategic Analysis:**

1. Assist in formulating the company's medium and long-term development strategy, manage strategic goals, product design, and assist in revising the medium and long-term development strategy plan.

2. Responsible for company industry analysis, competitive analysis, market analysis, and customer analysis.

3. Conduct internal analysis and assess the company's strategic resources and capabilities.

4. Handle strategic risk assessment, rolling risk management, and periodic evaluation of the company's development strategy and objectives.

5. Monitor and track the implementation process of the company's development strategy, and establish the process and methodology for strategic implementation.


**II. Investment and Financing:**

1. Responsible for creating strategic BP and handling investor roadshows.

2. Assist in equity financing matters, performing due diligence analysis of potential investment targets.

3. Collaborate on other external investment-related tasks.


**III. Other Tasks:**

1. Handle liaison with key strategic clients and manage critical projects.

2. Complete other tasks assigned by leadership.



1. Full-time bachelor's degree or above in electricity, electronics, computer science, or related fields. An MBA is preferred.

2. Over 5 years of strategic management experience. Experience in management consulting, strategic consulting, VC/PE equity investment is a plus.

3. Entrepreneurial mindset, long-term vision, excellent communication skills, and professional writing ability.

4. Strong ability to learn quickly, think independently, and solve problems. An interest in technological innovation and business model innovation.

5. Proficiency in English with an IELTS score of 6.0, TOEFL score of 85, or equivalent level. Capable of fluent English reading and speaking.

6. Skilled in office software, with strong proficiency in Office, PPT, Excel, and related tools.

7. Familiarity with the new energy sector; experience in the energy storage industry and experience in foreign companies are preferred.

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