Regional Operations Supervisor/Engineer

Departments: Engineering Department Locations: Changzhou, Jiangsu

**Job Responsibilities:**

1. Person-in-charge of the safe production of energy storage stations, responsible for the safe operation of energy storage stations, mode switching, and troubleshooting;

2. Organize and monitor the operation status and performance indicators of energy storage stations, analyze daily operation reports and operational data, and promptly identify issues;

3. Organize and address various issues that impact safety and profits, striving to enhance the operational rate of energy storage stations;

4. In accordance with regulations, policies, and changes in electricity prices, oversee the updating and improvement of various operations and maintenance rules, operation tickets, and manuals for energy storage stations, and ensure diligent enforcement;

5. Responsible for monthly revenue reconciliation and settlement with clients.



1. Education: College degree or higher, majoring in electric power, electrical engineering, mechatronics, or related fields;

2. Work Experience: Over 5 years of experience in electrical operations or related areas; candidates with experience in substation maintenance, infrastructure commissioning, photovoltaic operations & maintenance, possession of high voltage electrician certification, and a driver's license are preferred;

3. Proficient in using Office software;

4. Good health, open to shift work at the energy station.

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