Overseas Sales Manager (Europe)

Departments: Sales Department Locations: Changzhou, Jiangsu

**Job Responsibilities**: 

1. Analyze and evaluate the sales trends of industrial and commercial energy storage products within the region, assess the competitiveness of industry practitioners, and develop effective marketing strategies.

2. Responsible for building and orderly managing the capabilities of the marketing team.

3. Plan and achieve annual marketing goals and value propagation objectives.

4. Market-oriented, actively promote transparent internal communication, promptly feedback market demands to the production and technical departments, obtain effective support, and provide competitive solutions for clients.



1. Bachelor's degree or higher in Marketing, International Trade, or related fields.

2. Over 3 years of sales management experience, of which at least 1 year is in the new energy sector. Candidates with sales experience in energy system integration products, batteries, modules, inverters, racks, box changes, wind turbines, etc., will be given priority.

3. Familiar with the development of the energy storage and new energy industries, understand domestic and international energy customer business operation models, and have a good accumulation of customer resources in distributed photo-storage projects in the industrial and commercial sectors.

4. Proactive attitude, willingness to travel frequently, able to handle a certain level of work pressure, and possess a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit.

5. A decent foundation in English reading and writing.

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