Overseas Sales Assistant

Departments: Sales Department Locations: Changzhou, Jiangsu

**Job Responsibilities**: 

1. Assist in sales and customer management for the sales region, ensuring proper customer maintenance and follow-up.

2. Assist in coordinating work between the sales region and other departments, handling daily affairs.

3. Responsible for assisting in the management, filing, archiving, and safekeeping of sales contracts and other documents.

4. Assist in the execution and verification with customers, and manage receivables.

5. Collect and organize customer information, and assist in formulating sales plans.

6. Assist in the administrative management of the region.

7. Familiarize oneself with the company's internal regulations and efficiently use various systems.

8. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors (assist in administrative management of the region).



1. Bachelor's degree or above. Proficient in English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Arabic, Hindi, etc., with at least one of these languages as a working language.

2. Proficient in office software such as Word, Excel, and PPT.

3. Strong internal and external communication and coordination skills, ability to handle stress, and clear logical thinking.

4. Possess a strong sense of responsibility and service consciousness, and be meticulous and attentive.

5. Ability to manage and follow up on multiple tasks simultaneously.

6. Experience as an overseas sales assistant and interest in the overseas sales industry is a plus.

7. Familiarity with the new energy industry is preferred.

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