ZOE Energy Storage Launches the SMS Peace of Mind System, Setting a New Standard for Energy Storage Safety

2023-09-05 卓阳,卓阳储能

On August 30, 2023, the 10th China International Solar Storage Charging Conference was grandly held at the Suzhou International Expo Center. This exhibition gathered more than 1,000 core energy storage companies from all over the country. Shanghai ZOE Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend and held the launch ceremony for the ZOE Energy Storage SMS Peace of Mind System. Experts, scholars, and partners from the industry gave high attention and widespread praise to the ZOE SMS Peace of Mind System. This system effectively addresses the safety issues of power supply caused by the large-scale grid integration of renewable energy and the increasing complexity of new power systems, providing a new industry standard for safety and efficiency in the energy storage field.

Shanghai ZOE Energy Storage is a technology service company that encompasses energy storage station investment, operation, and product research, development, production, and sales. It aims to be the link between the power grid and various electricity consumption scenarios, ensuring orderly electricity use and balanced loads. The newly released SMS Peace of Mind System is a comprehensive and diversified energy storage safety management solution that provides all-around safety supervision and maintenance throughout the entire lifecycle, from design, production, logistics, installation to operations. Moreover, the system has been optimized specifically for source grid-side and diverse commercial and industrial electricity scenarios, including full-scenario oil-to-electricity conversion, industrial parks, port terminals, commercial office buildings, data centers, and solar storage charging. The system excels in practicality and ease of operation, using advanced AI edge computing technology to monitor the operational status of the energy storage system in real-time under various conditions, and can trigger emergency response measures through precise risk prediction mechanisms. This all-scenario optimization ensures that the energy storage system is not only safe and reliable but also efficient and flexible.

Win-win cooperation and steady advancement. To build a safe energy ecosystem and jointly promote advanced standards in the energy storage industry, we not only need technological innovation but also comprehensive, multi-level collaboration. If all levels of government, regulatory bodies, research institutions, industry associations, and other parties participate and work together, the safety ecology of energy storage will undoubtedly be greatly enhanced, jumping to a whole new level. We believe that through the multi-party participation and coordinated advancement of this model, we can genuinely achieve a dual optimization of safety and efficiency, pushing the entire energy storage industry towards a more sustainable and safer future. This is not just a leap in technology, but a testament to the joint efforts and participation of all parties inside and outside the industry.

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