Shanghai ZOE Energy Storage and Suzhou Financial Leasing Join Forces to Innovate Energy Storage Business Models

2023-09-06 卓阳,卓阳储能

On August 30th, the 10th China International Solar Storage Charging Conference grandly opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center, with ZOE Energy Storage being invited to attend. During the conference, Shanghai ZOE Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly explore innovations in the energy storage business model. 

ZOE Energy Storage is a technological service enterprise that covers energy storage station investment, operation, as well as product research, development, production, and sales. It is dedicated to serving as a bridge between the electrical grid and various electricity usage scenarios, ensuring organized electricity use and balanced loads. Suzhou Financial Leasing is a state-owned non-bank financial institution approved by the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission to engage in financial leasing business. It is the first financial leasing company in Suzhou. They continually explore in industries such as new energy, health and medical care, big data, and intelligent manufacturing, building a new financial platform to boost the development of the real economy.

The strategic cooperation between the two parties will achieve deep integration in several key areas, including financial support, equipment leasing solutions, data information sharing, and market channel integration, all aimed at promoting accelerated innovation in the energy storage business model. This comprehensive and multi-level deep collaboration not only signifies the shared commitment of both parties to continuous innovation and high-quality development in the energy storage industry but also indicates that the energy storage sector is entering a new phase of development full of vitality and possibilities. 

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