ZOE Energy Storage Awarded for Innovative Commercial Energy Storage Solutions at the 8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition


Shanghai, China, January 8th, 2024. The "2024 China Energy Storage CEO Summit," guided by the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Guangdong Provincial Energy Bureau, was recently held in Guangzhou on January 7-8. This summit, co-hosted by the China Energy Storage Alliance, the People's Government of Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China Southern Power Grid Technology Co., Ltd., and Guangdong Advanced Energy Storage National Research Institute Co., Ltd., brought together over 200 global leaders in the industrial and commercial energy storage industry. Discussions focused on the latest advancements in sustainable energy storage and smart energy storage systems.

During the "8th International Energy Storage Innovation Competition Preliminaries," ZOE Energy Storage's project, titled "Zhejiang Xinte Technology 1MW/2MWh User-Side Energy Storage Project," was a standout among 17 participating companies. This project was recognized for its innovative approach in digital energy management and its safe, reliable system design for commercial energy storage. It effectively reduced corporate energy costs and was named the "Outstanding Project in the Application Innovation Category" by expert judges.

In its design phase, the project perfectly aligned with the efficient energy management solutions necessary in today's European energy storage market. ZOE's proprietary energy storage solutions and advanced digital energy management systems were employed to comprehensively support corporate energy needs.

Embracing ZOE's "tailored" design philosophy, the project showcased a modular design suitable for industrial battery storage systems. Given the constraints of industrial and commercial spaces, it achieved rapid configuration, flexible deployment, and swift delivery. The innovative storage modules, integrating battery units, a 3S system, a liquid cooling system, and a quadruple safety fire-fighting module, significantly enhanced the safety and operational efficiency of the storage system. This approach ensures stability and cost-effectiveness in various applications, making it an exemplary model for European Commercial Energy Storage Suppliers looking for advanced grid energy storage solutions.

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