ZOE Energy Storage Offers One-Stop Solution: Pioneering Smart, Green Food Processing


In Henan, a Chinese province celebrated for its rich culinary culture, the food processing industry thrives on an abundance of agricultural produce and deep-rooted traditions. Here, Henan Hehui Food Co., Ltd., a trailblazer in the region's food processing sector, faced a pressing need: to find a method that not only cuts operational costs but also enhances energy efficiency.

Addressing the energy management needs of the company, ZOE Energy Storage crafted a tailored, innovative, and efficient storage solution. As a leader specializing in energy storage system products and corporate energy solutions, ZOE Energy Storage brings a wealth of industry experience and technical expertise. Their team conducted a thorough analysis of Hehui Food's specific energy requirements and existing power structure, designing an energy-saving and reliable storage system. This system helped Hehui Food reduce energy costs and enhance operational efficiency.

The project entailed installing a storage station system with a total capacity of approximately 2.1MWh, using 11 ZOE Z Box C series 186kwh liquid-cooled storage cabinets. Known for their safety, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and digital management, these cabinets adapt well to the complex production demands of Hehui Food. With the assistance of ZOE Energy Storage's professional team, the system seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of Hehui Food, effectively balancing the grid load and optimizing energy use.

In terms of digital energy management, the station, monitored round-the-clock via ZOE's digital energy platform, ensures safety and reliability. Additionally, leveraging big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, the system analyzes the company's electricity usage patterns and needs. It optimizes energy management and operational strategies, thereby enhancing energy efficiency, ordering electricity usage, and balancing the load.

ZOE Energy Storage's solution not only saves annual electricity costs for Hehui Food but also fosters the company's transition to green, low-carbon production methods. This innovation has not only bolstered Hehui Food's competitive edge in the market but also enhanced its green and low-carbon brand image, positioning it as a model of green production in the food industry.

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