ZOE Energy Storage Successfully Hosts Product and Technology Roadshow in Stockholm, Sweden


Following the conclusion of the 2024 Solar Energy Expo in Poland, ZOE Energy Storage's overseas division headed to Sweden, embarking on a new round of product and technology roadshows in the international market.

On January 22nd, the first energy storage product and technology roadshow was successfully held in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. The event attracted over 20 senior professionals from the local Swedish energy and power sector. At the meeting, ZOE Energy Storage presented its company history, business layout, R&D innovations, and manufacturing processes. Special emphasis was placed on standardized and customized energy storage solutions tailored for various application scenarios and needs in the European market.

The attendees showed great enthusiasm and interest in the products and solutions exhibited by ZOE Energy Storage, leading to in-depth exchanges and discussions, and creating a lively atmosphere at the event. This event not only showcased ZOE Energy Storage's expertise in energy management but also laid a solid foundation for the company's further expansion into the European market.

ZOE Energy Storage will continue to carry out roadshows in key Swedish cities, including Örebro in central Sweden and Gothenburg, a major port city in the southwest.

Committed to providing global users with safe, efficient, and intelligent energy storage products and energy management solutions, ZOE Energy Storage is dedicated to driving the transformation of the global energy structure. The company looks forward to collaborating with more partners worldwide to promote sustainable energy development.

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