Global Tour | Italy Renewable Energy Exhibition,ZOE Energy Storage's Innovative Solutions Take Center Stage


From February 28 to March 1, the Italy Renewable Energy Exhibition (KEY-The Energy Transition Expo) was grandly held in Rimini, Italy. At this year's exhibition, ZOE Energy Storage showcased its latest "Z BOX" series energy storage systems and multi-scenario solutions, demonstrating its technological innovation strength. The company joined the global exploration of new energy development paths, contributing to the transformation of the global energy structure.

Promising Prospects for Italy's Renewable Energy Market

As one of Europe's most influential and well-known renewable energy exhibitions, the Italy Renewable Energy Exhibition boasts extensive coverage and far-reaching industry impact. It has become a significant event in the European new energy field, attracting exhibitors, professionals, and general users from around the world each year. Through cooperation and communication, the exhibition promotes the continuous development and technological innovation of the European renewable energy sector.

Located in the Mediterranean region, Italy has a unique geographical position and abundant renewable energy resources. Its new energy industry is in a rapid development stage. Energy storage, as an indispensable technology combination for new energy, plays a crucial role in promoting the construction of new power systems. According to Terna, the Italian National Grid Company, to achieve the EU's "Fit for 55" plan (reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030), Italy needs to deploy a total of 71 GWh of new energy storage by 2030.

ZOE Energy Storage Multi-Scenario Solutions

At this exhibition, ZOE Energy Storage presented the "Z BOX" series energy storage systems, bringing innovative solutions to the European market. As ZOE's flagship product, the "Z BOX" energy storage system boasts advantages such as safety, stability, economy, and efficiency, with features like plug-and-play and flexible configuration. It is suitable for various application scenarios, including factories, industrial parks, ports, commercial office buildings, data centers, wind and solar energy, and solar storage and charging. The "Z BOX" series has passed international certifications such as CE, TÜV, and CGC, and has obtained market access permissions in major European countries and regions, with deliveries already made to several European countries.

During the exhibition, ZOE Energy Storage's booth attracted significant attention, becoming a focal point for technical exchanges and cooperation discussions. ZOE's technical team engaged in in-depth conversations with professionals and customers from around the world, sharing the latest technological achievements in the energy storage field and insights into future market trends. Many customers expressed strong interest in ZOE Energy Storage's solutions and reached cooperation intentions on-site.


This Italian exhibition marks the third stop of ZOE Energy Storage's 2024 global tour, further showcasing ZOE Energy Storage's brand image and technological strength, and laying a solid foundation for the company's expansion into the European market. ZOE Energy Storage will take this opportunity to provide standardized and customized energy storage solutions tailored to different application scenarios and needs across European countries, serving as a bridge between the grid and various electricity usage scenarios.

"Energy is great because of life" — ZOE Energy Storage firmly believes that new energy will lead humanity into the next great civilization. We will shoulder the historical mission of energy transformation together, contributing to the sustainable development of global energy and moving towards a zero-carbon future.

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