Guizhou⇆Shanghai,Let love generate electricity and shine for the hot land


As the network of people, logistics, capital and information flows becomes increasingly dense, exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and Guizhou continue to achieve new results, continue to write a new chapter of collaboration between the East and the West, and jointly integrate into the new development pattern.

Set off again in the spring of the Year of the Dragon, the "two-way rush" between mountains and sea is hot and hot. On the occasion of the National Two Sessions, Tianyan News focuses on entrepreneurs developing in Shanghai and Guizhou: "Guipiao" Huang Jun invested in the new energy industry in Guizhou and witnessed the golden decade of Guizhou's development. He said that he is willing to perfectly combine the future with Guizhou to "generate power" for his dream; "Shanghai Piao" Yuan Guihua has taken root in Shanghai for 18 years, focusing on the plastic products industry and working hard to build a sauce and wine city to blow "Guizhou style".

Using a foreign country as the canvas and hometown as the background, the forge ahead of collaboration between the East and the West is played on this spring day.


Huang Jun, Chairman of ZOE Energy Group Co., Ltd.

I am "generating electricity" for my dream in Guizhou.

Just after the Spring Festival holiday, Huang Jun, chairman of ZOE Energy Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "ZOE Group"), came to Guizhou from Shanghai. An important task of his trip is to finalize the construction details of new projects started and approved this year. "Our company is headquartered in Shanghai. Our current total foreign investment is 32 billion yuan, and Guizhou's total investment is about 10 billion yuan," Huang Jun told reporters. As an atypical "expert", Huang Jun's relationship with Guizhou must start in 2017.

“Guizhou’s golden decade is also our golden decade” For ZOE Group, a company involved in the upstream and downstream fields of new energy, the site selection and construction of upstream power stations is particularly critical. In 2017, Huang Jun led ZOE Group, which had been established for four years, to start planning a photovoltaic power station project in Guizhou. Compared with the eastern coastal areas, Guizhou has "innate advantages" in land and electricity prices. Although the geographical location is convenient, harmony between heaven and man is also indispensable. Although the new energy industry has blossomed all over Guizhou now, at that time, Guizhou's new energy development was still in its infancy. Fortunately, Huang Jun caught a ride with the times.

In May 2019, the National Energy Administration issued the "Notice on Matters Concerning the Construction of Wind Power and Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects in 2019"; in July, the results of the national subsidy bidding for photovoltaic power generation projects in 2019 were officially announced. National policies have created new "wind outlets" for the development of photovoltaic power plants. In the same year, the Anshun Gangwu Agricultural Photovoltaic Power Station, the largest single photovoltaic power station project of China Southern Power Grid, started bidding. Huang Jun compared this bidding to a "business war simulation": "In the past, no single project in Guizhou or even across the country was of such a large scale. For nearly a month, we have not left Guizhou to go Calculate the quotations and mechanisms of national enterprises, as well as national electricity prices.”

After fierce competition, Huang Jun’s company finally won the project. This success not only became the starting point for ZOE Group to deeply integrate into the development of Guizhou, but also wrote a bright chapter in Guizhou's new energy industry pattern. "Guizhou's golden decade is also our golden decade," Huang Jun said with sincere emotion.

“We are willing to perfectly combine the future with Guizhou”

Years of cooperation have allowed Huang Jun to regard Guizhou as his second hometown. While focusing on corporate development, how to create greater social value has also become a major consideration for him. After years of exploration and cooperation with scientific research institutes, the “photovoltaic +” model has created more possibilities for rocky desertification control and rural industry development. Huang Jun introduced a project built by Zhuoyang Group in Guanling, Guizhou: "The photovoltaic power station project in Guanling is completely built on rocky desertification land. We can transform some very barren land through rocky desertification transformation to make grass grow." , and then feed the cattle, so that photovoltaics and agriculture complement each other.”

Open a new game in the changing situation. Guizhou has achieved remarkable results in its golden decade. In Huang Jun's view, the second golden decade is beginning, and he is full of expectations for the future: "Guizhou has a promising future, and we are willing to perfectly integrate the future with Guizhou."


Yuan Guihua, Shanghai Yidong Plastic Products Co., Ltd.:

“Guizhou wind” blows in Shanghai 

In 2006, Yuan Guihua from Zunyi, Guizhou resolutely came to Shanghai, seizing the opportunity of the transfer of manufacturing industry from the Pearl River Delta to the Yangtze River Delta. He used the tens of thousands of yuan he had saved from working to start his entrepreneurial career in Shanghai.

after several years of hard work, Yuan Guihua focused on the research, development and production of plastic products. In the past 18 years, Yuan Guihua was once rated as one of the top ten leaders in the injection mold industry and has become an expert in the injection mold industry. Its company, Shanghai Yidong Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yidong Plastics"), has also grown into a one-stop production enterprise integrating plastic product development, product design, mold manufacturing, injection molding production, and spray assembly, with the highest annual sales exceeding 1 billion, and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise and a specialized and special new enterprise.

"When I first arrived in Shanghai to start my business, there were only five people in the company: me, my wife, and three employees." The past 18 years have passed by in a hurry, and the development footprint step by step is still vivid in my mind. Yuan Guihua introduced that Yidong Plastics now has a production base of more than 10,000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of plastic parts and plastic products for household electronic appliances, auto parts, intelligent machinery, luggage and apparel and other industries. It has more than 80 employees. Among them, Guizhou employees account for 30%.

the Youth League Working Committee in Shanghai, and the Shanghai Zunyi Chamber of Commerce jointly carried out Spring Festival condolences to hometown friends in Shanghai and Guizhou with Yidong Plastics.

Success comes from unremitting persistence and innovation based on practice. During the development process, Yuan Guihua, while focusing on building up the company's R&D capabilities, also actively learned about the latest industry information through overseas visits, participation in exhibitions and other inspections, and was committed to bringing the latest technology back to the factory. He said frankly: "The company invests a lot of money in research and development every year so that it can keep up with market demand."

As one of the many "Shanghai drifters" from Zunyi who are struggling in Shanghai, Yuan Guihua has a new identity in 2022 - the president of the Shanghai Zunyi Chamber of Commerce. This is not only an honor for him, but also a responsibility. "My main work now is to focus on the Chamber of Commerce and Sauce and Wine City projects." Yuan Guihua said.

The Zunyi forces gathered in Shanghai. After being elected as the president of the Shanghai Zunyi Chamber of Commerce, Yuan Guihua has been thinking about how to promote the further development of the Chamber of Commerce and better serve the economic cooperation between Shanghai and Guizhou.

Thinking of a long way to go, Yuan Guihua established Meijiu River Supply Chain (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and selected a site of more than 4,000 square meters in Songjiang, Shanghai, based on the fact that most of the companies from the origin of Maotai wine and members of the chamber of commerce participated in Guizhou Maotai wine trade. , is working together to build a sauce and wine city in Shanghai that integrates Guizhou sauce and wine display and trade, agricultural specialty product sales, cultural tourism promotion, investment promotion, e-commerce live broadcast, and Guizhou snacks.

New responsibilities encourage people to forge ahead. At present, Guizhou is leveraging its advantages to build an important liquor production base in the country, with the highest quality and most abundant Maotai liquor brands. This gives unlimited business opportunities and broad prospects for the development of Guizhou Maotai liquor. "I am very confident that we will build a sauce and wine city in Shanghai based on policy advantages and development trends, promote Guizhou sauce and wine products and culture, and use this as a medium to spread the 'Guizhou style' in Shanghai and contribute new strength to the development of Shanghai and Guizhou." Yuan Guihua said.

Text/Picture Reprinted from "Guizhou Daily Newspaper"

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