The "dual carbon" mission behind the "2024 Meritorious Figures of China's Energy Storage Industry"


From March 10th to 13th, the "14th China International Energy Storage Conference and Exhibition" hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Power Supply Industry Association was held at the Hangzhou International Expo Center.

Huang Jun, Chairman of ZOE Energy Group, leads ZOE Energy Storage to seize global energy storage development opportunities, actively explore multi-scenario applications of new energy storage, and continue to promote the transformation of the global energy structure and green and low-carbon development. By virtue of its contribution to the new energy storage industry For his outstanding contributions, he was awarded the title of "2024 Meritorious Figure of China's Energy Storage Industry".

ZOE Energy Storage has performed well in many application scenarios. With its excellent one-stop comprehensive solution and intelligent operation strategy, it successfully won the "2024 China Energy Storage Industry Best Integrated Optical Storage and Charging Solution Award".

ZOE Energy Storage fulfills its mission of “making a good connection between the power grid and electricity consumption scenarios, using electricity more orderly, and making loads more balanced”, and is committed to becoming a global enterprise that changes the energy structure. ZOE Energy Storage integrates product research and development, sales, production, power station investment and operation, and has become a leading one-stop digital energy operation service provider in China. In the future, ZOE Energy Storage will actively explore and build an ecosystem together with more partners, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of the energy storage industry.

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