Smart energy storage revolution: Build new productivity and lead a new green era


The future of energy storage is being given a new mission. Through artificial intelligence and multi-energy aggregation management, it has injected innovative vitality and infinite possibilities into the transformation of the global energy structure and sustainable goals.

On April 11-13, 2024, at the 12th International Energy Storage Summit and Exhibition held at the Shougang Convention and Exhibition Center in Beijing, ZOE Energy Storage brought "Digital Energy Ecology + Distributed Energy Asset Full Life Cycle Management" innovative energy solutions, leading a zero-carbon future with the power of technology.

Huang Jun, chairman of ZOE Energy Group, said in an interview with Beijing TV: "With the continuous development of energy storage technology and the continuous emergence of AI technology, there will be more integrated application scenarios for energy storage in the future."

ZOE Energy Storage focuses on deeply integrating more innovative technologies with energy storage, and developing innovative applications in many fields such as power system regulation, data centers, industry and commerce, transportation, microgrids and virtual power plants. The virtual power plant is the focus of our next development. The virtual power plant is a special power supply coordination and management system that can use intelligent systems and Internet technology to connect different energy resources together to form a virtual power network. These technologies can monitor and analyze large amounts of power equipment, energy and load data in real time to optimize the matching of power supply and demand. At the same time, it combines the Internet of Things technology to integrate a large number of scattered and adjustable power loads in the power grid, participate in the dispatching operation of the power grid through centralized dispatching, and provide flexible services for the power market. In practical applications, my country already has an electric heavy-duty truck-type virtual power plant operation model that aggregates electric heavy-duty truck battery resources to provide power auxiliary services, reduce peak and valley differences in the power grid, and promote the balance between power supply and demand and the consumption of new energy. The successful practice of this model further proves the broad application prospects of virtual power plants as a new productive force in the energy field.

The "Z digital - ZOE Digital Energy Ecosystem" built on "artificial intelligence + Internet of Things + big data" covers five major application areas: energy management, asset management, safety management, zero-carbon parks, and virtual power plants. With the help of digital and intelligent methods, we can achieve multi-energy aggregation, optimize resource allocation, and provide efficient solutions for energy management, transactions, energy conservation and carbon reduction. Among them, the full life cycle management service of distributed energy assets covers from investment analysis to operation and maintenance, which has effectively promoted the high-quality development of the energy industry.

Z digital——ZOE digital energy ecology

EaaS - full life cycle management of distributed energy assets

The global product series of ZOE Energy Storage was also displayed at the scene. ZOE Energy Storage adheres to rigor and professionalism from product research and development, production to delivery. ZOE R&D Center is one of the first domestic energy storage companies to obtain dual witness laboratory qualifications from TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Nord. All products have been It has passed multiple CGC and CQC certifications, as well as European CE and general grid connection certifications. It is listed in many European countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Spain and Italy. It has passed Europe's strict FCR and FFR fast frequency response tests. Ranked first in the world.

Exploring the future, ZOE Energy Storage will continue to develop and innovate, promote the clean and low-carbon transformation of the energy structure, contribute to the realization of the global "double carbon" goal, and create a bright zero-carbon future.

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