Yangtze River Delta Gan Business Alliance to promote the transformation of results to build a model of green energy use


As an important platform for the cooperation and exchange of Gan enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Yangtze River Delta Gan Business Alliance, since its establishment at the beginning of the year, has been actively linking the Jiangxi Chambers of Commerce in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui to promote resource sharing and complementary advantages among Gan enterprises, and to build a multi-dimensional cooperation bridge to promote the high-quality and sustainable development of the regional economy through the provision of support and services in the fields of green transformation and industrial upgrading for the enterprises.

Under the leadership of President Du Guihua, Shanghai Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce and Jiangsu Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce have accurately matched and efficiently dovetailed, and recently the 0.858MW/2.604MWh energy storage system project of Jiangsu From a Home Co. The energy storage system is invested and constructed by Shanghai ZOE Energy Storage Technology Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “ZOE Energy Storage”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ZOE Energy Group. The successful landing of the project not only signifies that the Yangtze River Delta Gan Merchants Union has achieved remarkable results in exploring new quality productivity to empower the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, but also provides a new model for the cooperation among Gan merchants in the Yangtze River Delta region.

As an enterprise providing high-quality home furnishing products and services, From Home is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The company is committed to improving the production efficiency and environmental protection level of its factories through intelligent and green advanced manufacturing practices. In terms of energy utilization and energy consumption management, C&C has implemented a series of reform measures to build a green factory and achieve the goals of energy saving, emission reduction and sustainable development.

In order to support the green transformation from a single house, ZOE Energy Storage has customized a full life cycle enterprise energy solution from the perspective of optimizing the energy structure and improving the energy efficiency ratio. The solution adopts a comprehensive strategy of dynamic load collection and “demand management + peak shaving + valley filling + backflow prevention” to realize the optimal efficiency of corporate energy use.

The project is equipped with 14 units of ZOE Z Box C Series 186kWh liquid-cooled energy storage systems, which, combined with the Z Digital energy management system of ZOE, are expected to consume 1.64 million kWh of valley electricity and reduce peak electricity consumption by 1.44 million kWh annually, bringing significant energy storage benefits to the family's home.

ZOE Energy Group is the executive vice-chairman of Shanghai Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce, and its subsidiary, ZOE Energy Storage, is an energy science and technology service enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, investment, and operation of energy storage, and it is the first batch of energy storage enterprises in China to obtain the qualification of TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Nord double eyeballing laboratory. At present, the whole series of products have passed a number of tests and evaluations, such as CGC and CQC, and have been certified by CE of the European Union and grid-connected in many countries, and their safety, compatibility and performance have met the stringent requirements of international standards.

The successful landing of this project not only brings significant economic and environmental benefits to both From a Home and ZOE Energy Storage, but also reflects the positive role played by the Yangtze River Delta Gan Merchants' Alliance in cohesion, sharing of resources, and expansion of cooperation, which powerfully promotes the economic collaboration in the Yangtze River Delta region and the high-quality development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and injects new impetus for the innovative application of green energy in the region.

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