Italian Government and Corporate Delegation Visited ZOE Energy Storage to Explore the Future of Sustainable Development


On April 19th, a delegation of Italian government and enterprises visited ZOE Solar. Members of the delegation included Stefano Menegri, Mayor of Guidizzolo, Ye Yongxu, President of the Italy-China Joint Development Promotion Association, Pietro Ciaventi, Mayor of Goito, Elizabeth Gareotti, Mayor of Gonzaga, Alberto Borsari, Mayor of Mantovano, Daniela Bessutti, Councilor of Mantovano and a number of representatives of the Italian industrial and commercial sector. Mr. Huang Hao, Chief Operating Officer of ZOE Energy Storage, warmly received the delegation, and Mr. Miao Xin, Vice President of ZOE Energy Storage, accompanied them during the visit and attended the seminar.

Mr. Huang Hao, Chief Operating Officer of ZOE Energy Storage, and Mr. Miao Xin, Vice President of JZOE Energy Storage, expressed their sincere welcome to the Italian delegation and introduced in detail ZOE's development history, global industrial layout, and innovative energy storage technologies. Since its establishment, ZOE has been focusing on exploring and developing the new energy field. In recent years, ZOE has been following the trend of green energy development, actively laying out new types of energy storage, and devoting itself to providing standardized and customized solutions for different application scenarios and industries.

The Italian delegation appreciated the positive contribution made by ZOE in promoting the change of global energy structure. When mentioning Joyo's energy storage products, they especially pointed out that its product design concepts tailored to local conditions were impressive, and they also appreciated the simple and smooth industrial design aesthetics of the products. During lunch, Stefano Menegri, Mayor of Guidizolo, amusingly remarked that ZOE's products were as memorable and creative as ZOE's Jiangxi cuisine.

With the deepening implementation of Europe's carbon neutral policy, the Italian market's demand for safe, efficient and sustainable energy solutions continues to grow. The Italian delegation pointed out that considering the diversity of Italy in the field of renewable energy, especially in improving the efficiency and economic benefits of energy supply, energy storage technology plays an extremely critical role. At the same time, it further discussed how to utilize energy storage technology to solve the problems of intermittency and unpredictability of renewable energy supply. Energy storage technology can not only balance the supply and demand, but also enhance the resilience of the energy system, and provide a solid technological support for the green transformation of Italy and the whole Europe. 

During the meeting, the Italian delegation and ZOE Sun had an in-depth discussion on the extensive cooperation potential of energy storage technology and reached a consensus on the future direction of cooperation. The two sides plan to establish a long-term cooperative relationship, develop solutions adapted to the European market demand, realize win-win situation in the application of energy storage technology and market expansion, and jointly explore the future of sustainable energy development.

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