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From April 22 to 25, the 2nd China International Energy Storage Conference (CESC2024), with the theme of “Boosting Dual-Carbon - Storing for the Future”, was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. As the exclusive title enterprise of the Summit Forum, ZOE Energy Storage, together with colleagues in the industry, explored and pushed forward the continuous innovation and development of the energy storage industry, and contributed to the new quality productivity of the energy industry. Contribute to the new quality productivity of the energy industry.

At the Summit Forum, Huang Hao, Chief Operating Officer of ZOEEnergy Storage, was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled “Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Digital Operation Practice”. He pointed out that digital technology is the key to promoting the future development of the energy storage industry, and that ZOE Energy Storage has constructed “Z digital--ZOE Digital Energy Ecosystem” through the integration of “Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Big Data” technology, which covers all aspects of the energy storage industry. Z digital--ZOE's digital energy ecosystem covers five major application areas: energy management, asset management, security management, zero-carbon park and virtual power plant. With digital and intelligent means, it realizes multi-energy aggregation, optimizes resource allocation, and provides industrial and commercial enterprises with efficient energy management, energy trading, and energy saving and carbon reduction solutions.

At the 2024 China Energy Storage Pioneer Award Ceremony, Huang Jun, Chairman of ZOE Group, was honored with the Nomination Award for Source, Network, Load, and Storage Integration System Personality in recognition of his outstanding contribution to promoting the national dual-carbon goal and sustainable development. Meanwhile, ZOE Energy Storage won the New Energy Distribution and Storage System Preferred Solution Pioneer Award for its efficient one-stop solution and advanced intelligent operation strategy. These awards highlight ZOE's leading position in energy storage technology innovation and system solutions, as well as the outstanding achievements of the ZOE Group under the leadership of Chairman Huang Jun in promoting industry progress and innovation drive, which have won wide recognition in the industry.

During the conference, Huang Hao was invited to receive a joint interview with Jiangsu TV and Xinhua Daily. He said, “Safety is a prerequisite for the high-quality development of the energy storage industry.” ZOE Energy Storage takes the lead in carrying aerospace technology, adding acoustic sensors and artificial intelligence to multi-dimensional safety monitoring. The response speed of acoustic sensors is 20 times faster than that of gas sensors, so they can intervene in the safety monitoring of the system earlier, which greatly improves the efficiency of safety response. Meanwhile, with its “Peace of Mind System”, ZOE has realized four-fold protection for battery cells, modules, packs and the entire power station system, which has comprehensively improved the safety performance of the system.

When asked about the future development direction of ZOE's energy storage, Huang Hao said that ZOE's energy storage focuses on the in-depth integration of more innovative technologies with energy storage, and develops innovative applications in many fields such as power system regulation, data centers, industry and commerce, transportation, as well as microgrids and virtual power plants. Virtual power plant is the next focus of our development. A virtual power plant is a special power coordination and management system that can utilize intelligent systems and Internet technologies to connect different energy resources together to form a virtual power network. These technologies can monitor and analyze large amounts of power equipment, energy and load data in real time to optimize the matching of power supply and demand. At the same time it combines IoT technology to integrate a large number of scattered and adjustable power loads in the grid, participate in the scheduling and operation of the grid through centralized scheduling, and provide flexibility services for the power market. In practical application, China has already had the successful practice of electric heavy truck-type virtual power plant operation mode, which further proves the broad application prospect of virtual power plant as a new quality productivity in the energy field.

As an energy science and technology service enterprise integrating energy storage R&D, production, sales, investment and operation, ZOE Energy Storage is one of the first energy storage enterprises in China to obtain the qualification of TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Nord Double Vision Laboratory. Its products have passed a number of international authoritative certifications such as CGC, CQC, CE, etc. It has also obtained the EU EN 50549-1 General Grid Integration Certification, and has been listed in a number of European countries such as Poland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Italy. In addition, it has also passed the stringent tests of FCR-D & FFR European Fast Frequency Response, ranking in the first camp in the world.

Looking ahead, ZOE Energy Storage will continue to uphold the mission of “being a good link between the power grid and the power consumption scenarios, using electricity in a more orderly manner, and making loads more balanced”, deepen the cooperation with partners in all aspects of the industry chain, and jointly push forward the development and wide application of the new energy storage technology, so as to contribute to the construction of a clean, low-carbon and high-efficiency energy ecosystem in the future.

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