Illuminate the Future with Storage – 2023 Zhuoyang Energy Storage Product Launch


On March 28, the 2023 ZOE Energy Storage product launch, themed "Illuminate the Future with Storage", was successfully held, sharing ZOE's reflections on its products. Concurrently, the Z BOX series made its debut at the 2023 China International Clean Energy Expo, receiving widespread attention from stakeholders in the energy grid, commercial clients, industry experts, and investors.

We are in the midst of an unprecedented energy revolution. Building a new type of electric power system dominated by new energy has become a global consensus. Energy storage will inevitably become an indispensable technological component, assuming an even more significant historical responsibility. "Going with the flow" is an inevitable choice for ZOE, a veteran in the energy sector. Our long-standing philosophy is to be a company that adds value to the era and society. We've dedicated over a decade to the technical development and implementation of large-scale photovoltaic power projects. This commitment has enabled deep cooperation with businesses throughout the supply chain. While maintaining keen market insights, we offer targeted product R&D and solution-matching according to varied scenarios, using technology to drive business model innovation and industry transformation. We constantly ponder how to make energy storage technology adaptable to specific local needs and serve user scenarios better. Our two latest liquid-cooled energy storage systems, Z BOX-C and Z BOX-H, are "born for storage".

For energy storage products, safety is paramount. The Z BOX series uses our proprietary liquid cooling system, which effectively dissipates heat when the battery temperature is high. This physically reduces the probability of thermal failures, keeping the temperature difference between battery cells within 2.5°C. The liquid cooling system enhances the performance of the energy storage system in various aspects: 

1. Lifespan: Over 15 years of ultra-long design life, maintaining the battery at optimal operating temperatures can extend the battery life by 25% and the system usage life by 18%. 

2. Efficiency: In colder northern regions, the liquid cooling system can heat the battery, controlling the temperature within the optimal range of 25°C to 35°C, achieving optimal power and capacity. DOD can reach 95%, and the system efficiency can exceed 95%.

 3. Cost: LCOS drops by 10%.

Moreover, the Z BOX series utilizes a three-tier fire protection structure. The first tier is an early warning system, with a built-in module that detects thermal anomalies 10 minutes in advance, providing more time for emergency response. The second tier enables single Pack-level active firefighting, targeting the specific Pack affected by thermal runaway. The third tier is a system-wide fire barrier that ensures the other outdoor cabinets can continue to operate safely. In terms of intelligent stability, the Z BOX series shines with our in-house developed SmartM200, which boasts millisecond-level responsiveness and supports intelligent monitoring, analysis, centralized management, and control of the energy storage system.

The ultimate exploration of product scenarios has always been a primary concern for ZOE when defining products. Only products that address user pain points can become industry hits. The Z BOX-C (city), designed "for urban settings", is a liquid-cooled outdoor energy storage product suitable for various city environments such as ports, parks, factories, and office buildings. Under conditions like power outages, peak electricity prices, high demand, insufficient capacity, and limited space, Z BOX-C can seamlessly address urban commercial pain points, offering a safer, more stable, and economical electricity experience. Z BOX-C has an integrated EPS function, with a grid-switching time of less than 20ms, ensuring a seamless load switch. Its All-in-One integrated design allows for plug-and-play, quick installation, and flexible deployment. We aim to popularize energy storage in cities with this product, accelerating the adoption of clean energy in urban settings.

Z BOX-H (hill), "designed for hilly terrains", is developed based on in-depth studies of diverse terrains and topographies. This liquid-cooled energy storage product addresses the specific pain points of various mountainous energy storage scenarios, like high safety requirements, transportation challenges, long construction cycles, and space allocation issues. Compared to traditional centralized large-scale energy storage, Z BOX-H requires less land, fully leveraging scattered high-low terrains in mountainous areas, thus relieving dependency on uniform land and enhancing project feasibility and profitability. Transportation-wise, small vehicles can manage the winding and steep mountain roads without the need for large transport vehicles to bridge and pave roads. Installation-wise, no lifting is required; forklifts can handle the installation. With factory pre-assembled Packs, mountain installation and system commissioning time are reduced by 50%, significantly cutting construction costs. Our unwavering mission is to create value, ensuring that the challenges of complex application scenarios don't hinder the development of energy storage. ZOE will continue to expedite the R&D of more valuable ZOE series products, fulfilling our mission - "born for storage".

ZOE means "life" in Greek. It's also the name a father gave to his daughter. We deeply understand the significance of clean energy for humanity, the earth, and every living being. We're actively participating, striving towards our dream step by step.

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